Commercial Mortgage Provider

The bridge to your financing!



Having owned four businesses over the past 20 years I have gone through the gauntlet of commercial mortgage financing. Starting with bank financing and refinancing every 5 years. Then when the banks tightened their lending, I was forced to go the the SBA to refinance a loan which I had with my bank for 15 years. The loan was current and I had never missed a payment but due to the recession my bank would not renew the loan. This is when I began looking for a better form of financing, which I found with private lending sources.

Now I am helping others by connecting them with private lenders who have money to lend and are willing to invest in good companies. These lenders range in type from insurance companies and pension funds to groups of individuals. In most cases, using private lenders for commercial mortgages is easier, quicker and more flexable then traditional banks.